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Personal Injury

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• Wrongful Death Cases

Personal injury law involves situations where a person has been injured by the conduct of another (whether by negligence or intentional conduct).  The most common personal injury cases are automobile accidents.  Insurance companies are usually involved and want to persuade an injured person to settle quickly.  A personal injury lawyer can protect you from doing or saying the wrong things to the insurance companies.  Miriam Thompson, Attorney at Law has handled personal injury cases her entire legal career.  She is knowledgeable about finding all the applicable sources of insurance coverage and ensuring that her clients receive the best settlement in their particular case.  If a settlement is not possible, Miriam Thompson will explain all options with her clients and file a lawsuit if necessary.  Litigating personal injury cases can be a long, difficult process and having the right attorney on your side can have a substantial impact on your final result.

Whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or through some other situation, call Miriam Thompson, Attorney at Law,  as soon as possible.  She will listen and give you her opinion on the best course of action in your case.  You will not have to come out of pocket to pay attorney fees in personal injury cases.  Attorney fees are paid only if a settlement or favorable verdict is reached on your behalf.  Call our office anytime to discuss you or your loved one’s personal injury case, 910-342-0760.

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